Professional training

We believe that the training of our employees contributes to their personal and professional development.

We comply with the mandatory training every year, contributing to their evolution.


We have our own designer.

We are able to create, develop and offer technical support in every new project.

We have the know-how and machinery to make your footwear.

Social development

We contribute to the social development of the community,
through sponsorship of local sporting and cultural entities.


We are open to new, bold and alternative products.

Segura is able to make medium and special orders.

We have the best service.

About us


Footwear manufacturers with more than 30 years of experience, based on the North of Portugal, in the production of men, women or baby styles, either in leather or vegan and sustainable materials.
But, we are used to create and develop new or existing brands with a small or medium production including shipping logistics. We are always open with collaborations with other brands.
We have our own brand: Steelground that can be checked at
Created in 2011, and directed for alternative segments such as: Goth, Punk, Rock, Rockabilly, Metal, Pin Up, Vintage...

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Vegan and sustainable products

The environment responsability that we have as a footwear industry,gives us the need to look for new Vegan and Sustainable materials that we present and introduce into our collections.

Pinatex, Organic Cotton, recycled plastic, grape, apple or cactus vegan “leather”… are just some of the options in this area.

Contact us for further information.

Prepared for our latest creations?

Every year…

The way we interact with customers, the local community or the activities we carry out after work,

are a good reason to click on the side links and update yourself about our company.

International footwear exhibition fairs, sports sponsorships or employees activities are some of what you can find.


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